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Proportionality of Body Calculator

Online calculator for determining the proportionality of the body. The norm of body proportionality:

  • for women from 54 to 62;
  • for men – from 46 to 52.

Use the same unit for all dimensions!

What is the Greek ideal of bodybuilding?

The ancient Greeks had certain ideas about what the perfect male physique should look like: a narrow and muscular waist, a slender back, broad shoulders, and detailed but not overwhelmingly large muscles. The size of each muscle was in proportion to the next, known as the "golden ratio."

The great Eugene Sandow - the man on whom the Mr. Olympia statuette is based - achieved a perfectly proportioned physique very close to these measurements in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Relative and orthographic proportions

Human proportions can be measured in many ways. Ultimately, all proportions are relative in their sense. However, the word relative is used here with a very specific meaning. We can measure relative and orthographic proportions, but what is the difference?

Orthographic Proportions (OP)

This is the proportional relationship between body parts or elements in what is called the "ideal world" where "switched off perspective" exists without perspective or lens distortions and where the proportions of an object's appearance do not depend on the observer.

This is called orthographic perspective. This is the case when all rays are parallel and none of them is in focus. It is a world in which the road does not narrow in distance and objects farther away are not smaller than those closer to the viewer.

Orthographic proportions are the proportions most commonly used in 3D modeling and sculpting. It is these proportions that we are most interested in. Our stream measures exactly these orthographic proportions.

Relative Proportions (RP)

Relative proportions are the same as orthographic proportions, but are affected by perspective distortions or lens distortions. This is the way an object is perceived in real life through the lens of the human eye. It is mainly used in 2D art.

This is how the proportions of the human body are calculated according to the McCallum formula

The circumference of the wrist is taken as the base. Then, based on this value, the other anthropometric ratios of the human body parts are calculated.

Chest circumference - calculated by multiplying the wrist circumference by 6.5.

Pelvic circumference - corresponds to 85% of the chest circumference.

Waist circumference - equal to 70% of the chest circumference.

Hip - calculated as 53% of the chest circumference.

Neck - 37% of the chest circumference.

Biceps - calculated as 36% of the chest circumference.

Lower leg - calculated as 34% of the chest circumference.

Forearm - calculated as 29% of the chest circumference.

Proportionality of the figure - the ideal proportions

Proportionality of the figure is responsible, among other things, for the visual beauty of our body. It should be noted that the canon of beauty is changeable and changes regularly depending on the era, cultural and national characteristics. The proportionality of the figure is a rather broad and not simple concept. Therefore, the definitions below do not claim to be scientifically sound, but reflect our views on these issues.

Symmetry and proportion are obviously a genetic consideration first and foremost.

It should be noted that there are many examples of people in their pursuit of "beauty" have violated the proportions of their bodies to the detriment of their health. Therefore, this issue must be approached sensibly and without fanaticism.

It remains clear, however, that with dedication and commitment it is possible to maximise your own genetic potential and create a body shape with the proportion and symmetry that nobody, even the genetically gifted, can attain without work, training, diet and commitment.

Importend Notes and Disclaimer


Caveats and Recommendations: This calculator is NOT intended to diagnose illness or be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Some models provide predictive outcomes which may not be accurate. Please consult a medical professional for any medical treatment or diagnosis advice.


Note: This calculator is presented for your own personal use and is to be used as a guide only. Medical and other decisions should NOT be based on the results of this calculator. Although this calculator has been tested, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of its calculations or results.


Disclaimer: This calculator is provided without warranty and CANNOT be used to diagnose or treat any disease or condition.

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